Wednesday, July 3, 2013

News Roundup

It's been a hectic month, so I thought I'd collect a few things in one post here in case you missed them.

First, as an audiobook fanatic it gives me great pleasure to announce that Simon Vance will be narrating all three books in the DIRE EARTH series. Simon was my top choice, and it's a humbling honor that Random House Audio signed him after my "it can't hurt to ask, right?" suggestion.  Seriously, I could listen to Simon read the phone book.  He's the best!

Secondly, take a gander at my guest post on SF Signal regarding the use of space elevators in science-fiction.

Next, my editor sent along a review posted on Amazon for THE DARWIN ELEVATOR that was particularly kind, so I thought I'd share a snippet:

Every time we think surely, now, Hough cannot push events any higher, he finds new ways to escalate. Skyler has a particular knack for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Each chapter we think, surely Hough cannot punish our heroes any more, or reward Blackfield's ignominy. But rest assured, at nearly 500 pages, Hough has generous opportunities to push characters to new depths and make his readers cringe.
I grew up reading books like this, paperbacks populated by oversized personalities, shifting loyalties, and surprise revelations. Heroes prove themselves by decisive actions, salted with judicious violence; villains marinate in their own venality until they prove their own undoing. Say what you like about John W. Campbell and Alfred Bester, but my Golden Age of Science Fiction was the 1980s, when SF was popular, but still boldly countercultural.
Hough writes in that beloved sci-fi format, the trilogy, and while this novel has a satisfying conclusion, it asks tantalizing questions for future volumes. Del Rey so loves this series that it's launching the whole trilogy this summer: three novels in three months. Who can blame them? In a crowded, noisy genre, Hough claims territory that deserves our attention. It's enough to revive my flagging faith in science fiction.
I've been lucky enough to have some fine reviews posted already, but this one made me a little misty.

Lastly, if you're coming to San Diego for Comic-Con, please say hi and get a book signed while you're at it! Here's my schedule:
  • Friday July 19, 6pm-7pm: Signing at the Random House booth #1515
  • Saturday July 20, 2pm-3pm: Signing at the Random House booth #1515
  • Sunday July 21, 12pm-1pm: PANEL: Science Fiction and the Future
    • Room 24ABC
    • From spaceships and aliens to medical tampering and secret military weapons — science fiction books have never been as varied and exciting as they are now. Join James S.A. Corey (the writing team of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck; Abaddon's Gate), Jason Hough (The Darwin Elevator), David Wellington (Chimera), Mira Grant (Parasite), Daniel Wilson (Amped), and D. J. MacHale (Sylo) as they discuss their new books and the vivid visions science fiction has to offer, from distant space to our own backyards. Moderated by Margaret Stohl.
  • Sunday July 21, 1:30pm-2:30pm: Signing with the other panelists in Autograph area TK
I am assured by Del Rey that there will be things for me to be able to sign at these signings, which *might* mean you can score a free book if you come by. So, you know, do that.

In other news, my friend Kevin Hearne's new Iron Druid book HUNTED is out.

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