Monday, May 20, 2013

A few bits 'o news

Some things have happened in the last week that I wanted to share!

First off, THE DARWIN ELEVATOR has received a starred review in Library Journal!
Unfortunately I can't post it as the electronic version is behind a paywall, so I'll just say that this is great news and I'm flattered.  There's more reviews in the pipe that I can't talk about yet, suffice to say I'm bubbling with excitement.

Second, here's the final UK cover for DARWIN, courtesy of Titan Books:

UK Cover for The Darwin Elevator
Titan Books

I love the different style compared to North America.  It's sort of fascinating to me how the same material can receive such diverse treatment depending on the market.  Incidentally, for you UK readers, DARWIN will be out there on July 26th - four whole days before the North American release.  Imagine the gloating opportunities!

Finally, I've posted the first chapter of DARWIN on my website for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

There's more good stuff to come...

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Mike Kalmbach said...

Love the UK cover. Very cool!

Congrats on the review!