Friday, July 27, 2012

Release date news

Hi folks!

I have an update on release dates.

Del Rey has decided, with my blessings, to push out the release date of THE DARWIN ELEVATOR from February 2013 to July 2013.

Though it's a bummer to have to wait even longer to get my first novel out into the wild, I can't argue with their motivation. The plan, originally, had been something like:

Book 1: Feb '13
Book 2: Aug '13
Book 3: Feb '14

Six months between each. Now it's looking like this:

Book 1: Jul '13
Book 2: Aug '13
Book 3: Sep '13

Yes, that's right, all three books will be out in a 3-month span. This is a release model they've tried with other authors recently and it works very well, so they asked if I'd mind going with the same model. They're pushing DARWIN out a bit to give me the time I need to finish Book 3.

Waiting isn't fun, but the benefits are there. DARWIN might be five months later than we'd all hoped, but the third book will be six months earlier. It turns out that readers, especially the "gimme NOW!" eBook contingent, respond well to getting the next book in a series quickly. In addition to that, it lets Del Rey put all their marketing oomph into one big meta-release. As an author who wants to sell books, I like marketing oomph. They chose July to coincide with Comic-Con next summer and continuing over August and September. This gives the series a lot of love while the spotlight is hopefully on it, a win for all involved.

It also means Comic-Con 2013 will be awesome.

As such, there won't be much to reveal in terms of covers, titles, free chapters, and all that good stuff until around the beginning of the year.  Consider yourself forewarned...



Joseph L. Selby said...

So, the obvious question is, will you be able to deliver the third book in that kind of time frame? And will doing so kill you? Because that would be bad. Please don't die.

Jason M. Hough said...

Fingers-crossed, yes.

I finished book 2 early in the hopes of having more time for book 3. This new schedule means I have the same amount of time for book 3.

Part of the reason I'm confident is that the outline for book 3 is much... clearer, to me. Book 2's had a lot of parts where it said "stuff happens". Plus book 3 is like 90% action, and I write action chapters about twice the speed of other chapters.

It's worth noting that most of the time-loss here is happening on Del Rey's side in bringing in the release date for the 3rd book. Technically they haven't changed my Feb 15th due-date, they just want me to shoot for a finished manuscript by then, instead of that being the first time they'll see it.

Isaac Hooke said...

This sounds awesome. I really like the idea of not having to wait too long for the next book in the series, especially when the book ends on a cliffhanger...!

Maybe this is an added incentive to end the Darwin books on hard, at-the-edge-of-your-seat cliffhangers -)

Jason M. Hough said...

Yep... there's definitely cliffhangers!

Kayla Beck said...

Kevin Hearne recommended you to me. I'll be buying them all without even reading the summary. I just hope it's not a parakeet dissertation. ;-)