Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A novel approach

Recently I switched mind-mapping tools -- from Freemind to MindNode -- and in doing so I happened to open my original outline for the novel I'm working on.  I thought it'd be fun to share it, at least in visual form (I'll probably share the actual content of it later, when the book is done).

So, for anyone who may be interested, this is what my outline looked like before I started my first draft (click for full size -- warning, large image!):

The three big chunks on the right are Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.  The chunks on the left are things like characters, settings, and misc world-details.

It's fun to re-read it now, after three drafts and so many changes.  Once I imported this info into Scrivener, I abandoned the mindmap file, so it truly is a snapshop of what I'd planned to write.  I'm happy to see that the meat of my story has remained the same through all the revisions.

As I said, I'll share a detailed version later for anyone who might be interested in how things evolve from outline to final product.  If I'm allowed, I'd also like to post a PDF of the first draft -- I think it would be useful for fledging writers to see just how crappy a first draft can, and perhaps should, be.

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My Alter Ego said...

I'm interested! And congratulations. I saw your 7 month old post on reddit just now. Im just starting to write my first book. I've always had this fictional world and characters on my mind. Its finally time to get them down on paper. :D