Sunday, February 13, 2011

iPad writing tools, revisited

Back in June, I posted about the writing tools I use on the iPad.  Well, things have changed!

There's no shortage of good options around for the iPad now.  And, when combined with the wonderful Scrivener 2.0, and its ability to sync with Dropbox, it is now possible to edit a current Scrivener project while on-the-go.  It's still a little fussy, but ten times better than it used to be.

I'm primarily using two tools on the iPad now:

  • First is PlainText.  It's a simple text editor, with a beautiful streamlined interface, and it can be tied to your Dropbox account.  Offline editing is possible (some will only work with Dropbox when you're on the network).  Folders are supported.  It's minimalist and it's fantastic.  When I write on the iPad, this is what I use.  Best of all, it's free, though I think it's worth the few dollars in order to remove the ads.
  • Second is neu.Annotate PDF.  This is a free PDF viewer that lets you make annotations.  Hightlights, scribblings, text -- whatever you want.  It's fast and, though a bit quirky at times, does what I need.  Can't beat the price, either.

I'm using neu.Annotate more than PlainText right now, simply because I am in revision mode.  The iPad seems good for writing new stuff, but when it comes to editing I'm much more efficient when I have my Mac handy and Scrivener front and center.


yoheinakajima said...

If you like neu.Annotate, you'll definitely love the paid version neu.Annotate+, which just got a big update today. AND it's on sale for 80% off right now. At 99 cents, it's totally worth the upgrade.

Jason M. Hough said...

Thanks for the tip!