Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When time permits

My schedule is all out of whack, lately.

With our toddler, the little bundle of raw energy that he is, wanting to play late into the evening, I can no longer get writing done at home.  I'm simply too tired after work, dinner, and playtime.  Besides, I wouldn't trade that precious few hours hanging out with my son for anything.

So I've taken to writing early... really early.  These days I get up at 5am, shower, and then go find somewhere to write.  My new favorite spot is the beach.  This morning I parked my car, shifted to the passenger seat, and proofread about 50 pages on the iPad (thanks to neu.Annotate PDF, a wonderful free app).  The window was down, and despite a cold breeze, the sound of the ocean made the perfect backdrop for a productive session.

Just what I needed to get back on track.