Monday, May 31, 2010

iPad apps for writers

Last weekend I participated in the San Diego Writers, Ink "Blazing Laptops" write-a-thon, which raised over $16,000 for the non-profit.

I took only my iPad and portable keyboard to the 9-hour event. By the end, after using the device the whole time, I still had 75% of my battery left. Color me impressed.
Granted, I turned wifi off, but still... it felt great to be untethered from the wall outlet.

Until I can get Scrivener (or something similar), here's what I've been using for writing on the iPad:

  • MyWritingNook: This is a rather simple app, which is a good thing. It's a full-screen, few frills editor. There's no formatting to speak of, and little in the way of file management. What you do get is a nice, fast editor that syncs with google's cloud, allowing you to return to the same documents via the website of the same name. 5$
  • Corkulous: There are many apps out now for organizing ideas, but I like this one the best. As the title suggests, it's a big cork board upon which you can attach post-its, pictures, strips of paper... even other cork boards. I've suggested to them they add a "yarn" feature, so you can draw lines between post-its. 3$
  • Penultimate: Drawing/Sketching apps are another crowded field in the app store. Most of them are geared toward actual artwork, however. Penultimate is more like a simple pen-and-paper moleskine (or rather, as many of them as you want). Very handy for just making quick sketches of ideas, and keeping them organized. 3$

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