Monday, February 22, 2010

Countdown to World Fantasy

It's coming! World Fantasy Convention 2010. I've got 247 days left to get my novel into shape.

I've been lax in updating my blog here with the progress. Between the novel and a newborn baby at home, my free time is shot. So I'm going to start posting more often, but just small status updates or tasty wisdom-nuggets.

Quick recap:

  • Started writing in November 2008
  • Finished first draft (122,000 words) in February 2009
  • Finished second draft (124,000 words) in October 2009
  • Hired Mike from to provide editing services (best decision I've made?)
  • Currently Mike has provided high-level feedback on the plot, characters, and setting. Chapter by chapter. Wonderful insight, I couldn't be happier.
  • I've returned to him edits to part 1, and I've started working on the rest.
  • Meanwhile, Mike has started detailed proofreading of part 1.
Tools-wise, the only change has been moving from my beloved Scrivener to MS-Word. Word has better change-tracking features, and it's a file format Mike and I can exchange easily.

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Peter said...

Hi Jason - it's Peter from My Writing Nook. Wanted to connect with you about the Android version of MWN. You can send me a Gmail at mywritingnookapp.

Look forward to hearing from you.