Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gee, that went well...

My whole grand scheme of tracking my Nanowrimo 08 progress on this Blog didn't work out so well. I guess I realized I'd rather work on my book than tell people (read: no one, currently) how it is going.

Here's the re-cap, to be logged in the historical record: I "won", hitting 50,231 words with a few days to spare. On the whole, it was a successful jump-start to my novel.

I've set a goal of March 1st to finish the first draft, and currently I'm at around 75,000 words -- right on target, Miss Moneypenny.

After that, I'll take a two month break to do Scriptfrenzy, and then get back to the novel. I'm going to try to do a second draft before ComicCon 2009. My sincere hope is to have something good enough to start showing agents and/or publishers by then.

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