Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nano Day 2 - Word Count 6,888

Well, I've managed to jump out to a nice head start. This weekend, my word-churning came mostly at Monica's Cafe, followed by a few hours down at Writers Ink, and a fair amount at home.

Now that the opening weekend's write-ins are over, I'll probably hunker down at home for most of the rest of the month. I just need to figure out how to be as productive here.

Last year, my goal was to focus on good dialog, which I feel was a success, and that work turned into a nice little screenplay. This year, I've got a big and complicated story, so my goal is just to get it written, and worry about the quality of the writing later. Frankly, the key this year was in the planning. I'm finding my ridiculously detailed outline is both an amazing help, and a gap-filled surprise. It's not quite as complete as I thought. But no matter: it's nice to have some blanks to fill in as I go. Feels less like a chore.

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