Thursday, October 30, 2008

Differences Between 2007 and 2008

Two more days until Nano begins.

Probably the biggest difference for me this time around is that I've done this before.  Last year was a great experience -- a thrill ride, in truth.  As fun as it was, there were a lot of lessoned to be learned.

So my approach this year is changing in two key areas:

  • Preperation:  My post below details all the prep work I've done up front this year.  Last year, I formed my idea about two weeks before 11/1, and wrote an outline that was maybe 100 words.  This year I'm using an idea I've been gestating for quite a while, and my outline is 3,300 words.
  • Organization:  Last year, I used Word 2007 on a Windows PC.  Nothing wrong with that, quite frankly, but all-in-all it was really hard to keep myself organized.  This year, I've become a Mac convert, and will be using the wonderful Scrivener to write my drafts.  I'll only move it into Word (or, more likely, Pages) when I've got a second draft that I'm ready to start editing.

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